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About Bill Auchterlonie

Art, astrology and air. I have a degree in Fine Arts – in Film Studies from York University. I have worked or volunteered in Art Galleries including the Art Gallery of Ontario (Curator of Exhibitions) and Rodman Hall (Board Member). I ran my own commercial Gallery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I was a key part of the team responsible for the monument to Nikola Tesla at Table Rock, Niagara Falls. Currently I am a contributor to the magazine  Arabella, for the love of all things art. And air as in broadcasting. I have been ‘on air’ at CKMW, CJRN, CKTB, CHAM and CFRB.

My interest in astrology began when I was in university, studying ancient religious sites like Stonehenge, the Pyramids in Egypt and North and Central  American earthworks which were all astronomically inspired. Then I hosted a talk show with a regular guest, Allen Spraggett. Allen is a former Methodist Minister and Religion Editor of the  Toronto Star. His books on the paranormal are widely known. He is also a student of astrology and explained that my surviving a hit and run accident in 1980 was related to my nearly drowning at age four. I had no memory of that event. He said, “Ask your mom.” When she confirmed this fact, I was hooked.

To me, it’s like a language with archetypical imagery that matches psychology and coincidence. I have been studying for decades. My intention and wish is to help improve people's understanding of their strengths and issues while also giving insight into opportunities for success.

Enough about me. Tell me about you! Fill out the contact form, including you birth date, time and place and I'll send you your astrological chart including 9+ pages of my reading. All for $29.95. Or $75.00 including the year ahead. Either way - a unique Christmas gift!

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